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Decibels as Fast As Possible

Decibel Scale | Mechanical waves and sound | Physics | Khan Academy

Decibel Comparison

Want to know what noise level is around you? in the restaurant? in the train? in the office? This app will show you.
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- Nice analog display
- Take photo with decibels display
- Share, print, and store decibel photos

Extra Features (with purchase):
- Record decibels on beautiful strip charts
- Annotate the strip charts
- Share, print, and store the strip charts

This app uses the internal microphone to estimate the sound pressure level in decibels (dB SPL).

- quiet bedroom at night: 30 dB
- average home: 50 dB
- vacuum cleaner, 1m away: 70 dB
- jet aircraft, 50 m away: 140 dB

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IMPORTANT: in case of problems please contact the support address provided under "Developer Website". It is not possible to reply on App Store comments.

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.1

- Optimized for newer iOS devices.
- Displays a warning if microphone access is disabled.